5 Step Morning Routine – Realistic and Productive Habits

5 Step Morning Routine - Realistic and Productive Habits

Who doesn’t want to start their morning on the right note and set themselves up for a productive day? Having a consistent morning routine can help you be more focused, feel more energised, and feel less stressed.

Over the years, I have modified and evolved my morning routine with a better understanding of what I need to set myself up for a productive day. Realistically, if you are able to do all these things three out of seven days, you should count it as a win. If you find this routine to be overwhelming, try picking up just one habit at a time and gradually build your routine.

You may also find that skipping a step or shifting it to the evening works better for you. Feel free to modify this routine as it suits you the best but I would encourage you to try to incorporate these simple habits at least once.

Make Bed

The first thing that you should do after getting up is make your bed. It gives you a sense of already having accomplished one task and checking one thing off your to-do list. Plus coming back home to a bed that is made does make a difference. Growing up, I used to hate it and always came up with creative excuses to skip it but now, this is the first thing I do every single day.


The advantages of working out are plenty. If you can start three to four days of your week with a workout, you will start seeing a difference in your overall health in a couple of months. A few pointers regarding working out.

  • If you are going to step out for a workout, I would insist that you apply sunscreen. None of the skincare you do is not going to matter if sun rays damage your skin again.
  • It is also important to eat something before working out. I see a significant difference in my performance during my workout if I have a banana before.
  • If you can, plan your workouts ahead of time or at least the night before. You can always change your mind later but having clarity about what you are going to do for the workout is just one less thing that you need to do in the morning.

Have Breakfast and Read

If you have done a workout, this is the time to have your protein shake. You should ideally have your protein shake within thirty minutes of completing your workout. I sometimes premix my protein shake, ready to go in the blender the previous night.

Breakfast is a great way to fuel your body to start your day. I try to keep my breakfast simple and stick to oatmeal or dosa most days. I also use this time to stay away from screens and gadgets and spend some time reading.


Now it’s time to shower and get dressed for the day. It will help you feel refreshed (especially after a sweaty workout) and ready to take on the day. If time permits, you can include small things like scrubbing, applying a face mask, head oil massage, etc.

Visualise Your Day

Take a look at your to-do list for the day visualise how your day is going to look. It may change as the day goes by, but visualising it once helps you stay on track. You may also prioritise the top three tasks that must complete.


Having a set morning routine helps in improving productivity. If you follow this simple routine, you will have already completed many tasks for the day. You may not see its benefit immediately but you start appreciating it eventually.

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