Indian Breakfast Meal Prep – 5 Healthy Recipes

Indian Breakfast Meal Prep 5 Ideas

Want to start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast but don’t have time? Look no further because I got you. I feel it is important to fuel your body in the morning to begin your day right. A little breakfast meal prep can go a long way in helping you achieve that.

I will take you through what you can do in advance to prepare your breakfast in the morning in less than 5 mins. Please know that objective of these recipes is to make the process as simple as possible. So let’s look at some of the breakfast ideas that are east to prep.

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Trust me when I say this, this prep will make cooking upma as easy as cooking Maggi.

  1. Heat some ghee or oil in a pan.
  2. Add mustard seeds and let them crackle.
  3. Add kadi patta, cashew, chana dal, urad dal, and peanuts and roast.
  4. Add rava and roast it.
  5. Once the rava has becomes a little brown, let it cool down completely. Your upma premix is ready.

This upma premix can be stored for up to two months. Now whenever you want to make upma, boil some water (at least twice the volume of the rava mixture), add some rava mixture that you prepared, add salt, and let it boil till you are happy with the consistency. Your breakfast is ready. If you would like to add some vegetables, roast them in oil before you start boiling water.


High in protein, this breakfast is one of my favourites. Chilla breakfast meal prep is also extremely easy.

  1. Mix besan, finely chopped onion, chopped chili, grated ginger, ajwain, hing, haldi, salt, and water.
  2. Since you can not add tomatoes, I add soya sauce to my batter for tanginess. Make a big batch and store it in the fridge. It stays good for up to a week.

Make a big batch and put it in the fridge. It stays good for up to a week. In the morning, just cook them like a pancake and you are good to go.

Overnight Oats

The best thing about this breakfast? There is no cooking required. They are ready to eat right from the fridge and can be stored for up to a week and meal prep for this only requires mixing things.

  1. Get whole rolled oats – they are healthier than other variants but honestly, any variant is good.
  2. Add milk of your choice.
  3. Throw in some seeds and nuts – I like to add almonds, raisins, chia seeds, and sunflowers seeds in mine.
  4. Add protein powder if you prefer.
  5. Top it with some fruits – I usually use strawberry or banana.


Paratha is a staple breakfast in most Indian households. Once you have the dough ready in the fridge, it hardly takes any time to make parathas. Don’t forget to add salt to the flour while kneading as it also acts as a preservative.

Apart from the normal dough, you can also make and store dough for methi paratha. It can be stored in the fridge for four days and in the freezer for up to two months in an airtight container. As with normal paratha dough, don’t forget to add salt to this dough as well.

For other parathas like aloo paratha, muli paratha, or gobhi paratha, you can make stuffing on weekend and store it separately. Aloo masala can be stored for two days while muli and gobhi stuffing can be stored for up to five days.


This is my everyday go-to breakfast. I order dosa batter on the weekends and eat dosas every morning. I make it without oil to make it healthier. You can also make uttapam, paniyaram, or idli but they may take a little more time.

Pro Tip: Add moong dal to the batter and make pesarattu for some extra protein

If you are looking for a recipe for dosa batter, this one is my favourite.


Breakfast meal prep is a great way of making it fun, healthy and quick. Just by tweaking the recipe here and there and planning, you eat breakfast every day.

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