Easy Healthy Indian Meal Plan for Vegetarians That Actually Works

Healthy Indian Meal Plan

Before I give you the actual healthy Indian meal plan, it is important to understand why it is important to have one. I can say with full confidence that planning meals ahead for next week has been a game changer for my husbands’ and my health and diet. With planning, I have better control over macros (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and therefore able to have a balanced diet. I am also less dependent on takeout for food and choose when I want to go out for a meal. It has also reduced wastage to a great extent.

Now that you know the advantages of meal planning, let us see the things that you should keep in mind while planning your meals.

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Meal Planning Guidelines

  • Protein Source
    I always try to plan at least one meal a day that is rich in protein. This means every day I have one meal that is based on paneer, chole/rajma, besan, or dal. This is still not enough to meet the daily requirement of protein and I therefore suggest you take protein powder to have the required amount of protein. I use this protein powder to meet my daily requirement.
  • Variety
    I try to keep as much variety as possible else I will get bored.
  • Snacks
    Our habit of picking up random things to eat in the middle of main meals is a big deterrent to a healthy diet. The best way of dealing with snacks is to plan for them in advance.
  • Grocery
    Once your meals are planned for the week, you will be able to jot down all the groceries that you will need for the week and buy them. This will lead to a substantial reduction in wastage.
  • Meal prep
    If you can’t afford a maid like me, prepping for meals like chopping and making onion-tomato gravy in advance will help you stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Meal Plan

This is a template that you can customise very easily based on your taste and preference. This template can also help you create weekly plans for every week with new dishes.

Indian Vegetarian Meal Plan


Plan your meals, eat healthy, and enjoy. Once you start planning your meals and start seeing its advantages, I promise you will be hooked.

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