10 Indian Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

10 Indian Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

People are back in the office again and so are the lunch boxes. A few points to keep in mind while coming up with healthy lunch ideas for work –

  • Stick to solid or semi-liquid food as they are easy to pack and carry
  • Choose recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, as you have limited time in the morning

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A few options for lunches for work are below

Aloo Sabzi + Chapati

A simple, everyday filling meal, aloo ki sabzi and chapati is a great choice for an office meal. This can easily become your go-to or at least once a week lunch box. You can also make variations of aloo ki sabzi like aloo gajar, aloo gobhi, aloo matar, etc.

Recipe: Sukhi Aloo ki Sabzi

Masala Bhindi + Chapati

A quick, easy, and healthy lunch idea for work, masala bhindi is my favourite.

Recipe: Bhindi ki Sabzi

Kale Chane + Chapati

Sookhe kale chane with roti is a protein-rich vegetarian option for lunch box. You can also make sookhe kale ki chat by adding onion, tomato, chat masala, and sev. This chat by itself can be eaten as a complete meal.

Recipe: Sookhe Kale Chane


Sandwiches make a good grab and go lunch box for days you have limited time in the morning. You can prep most of the elements in advance and then quickly prepare sandwiches in the morning.

Recipe: Paneer Sandwich


The best thing about this recipe is you can make the dough in advance and keep it in the fridge, leaving only the task of rolling and cooking them in the morning.

Recipe: Gujarati Thepla


Another option for a lunch box is idli with chutney. Carrying sambhar to the office may become messy so you can avoid carrying it. Another twist for idli can be frying it with some vegetables and spices.

Recipe: Idli


This one pot dish is my favourite because it is easy to cook, pack, and eat. This hassle free lunch option has enough carbohydrates and fibre, and you can add paneer or tofu for protein.

Recipe: Vegetable Pulao

Paneer Bhurji + Chapati

A protein rich option for lunch. You can also substitute paneer bhurji for any paneer sabzi. I prefer making paneer bhurji as it takes hardly any time to prepare. On the other hand, other paneer sabzis are made with gravy with might take time to prepare.

Recipe: Paneer Bhurji

Pav Bhaji

It may look like an odd choice for office lunch, but some days you want something extra, and pav bhaji is for those days. You can make a big batch of bhaji and store it in the fridge.

Recipe: Pav Bhaji

Sabudana Khichdi

If you soak sabudana at night, you can prepare it in the morning in about 10 minutes. Provided you have roasted and ground peanuts.

Recipe: Sabudana Khichdi

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